Pet of the Week: Crunchy the Cat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For those looking to add a little bit of texture to their lives, we introduce Crunchy, the black cat, for News 13's Pet of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; FNSB Animal Shelter, Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly, and this week's pet of the week is, Crunchy. Cunchy is a 10 year-old cat, who came to the shelter, because she was not using her litter box properly. In her previous home, her litter box wasn't being cleaned every day, and she didn't like that. So she wasn't using it. At the shelter, Crunchy's litter box gets cleaned everyday, and she uses it perfectly, she really likes to have a clean bathroom. So as long as her new home keeps her litter box clean, she will have really good manners. She has lived with dogs happily before and she likes children. Crunchy hasn't lived with other cats before, and if she does join a home with other cats there just needs to be plenty of litter boxes so that she has a clean bathroom. Always a tease. Crunchy is a little bit older, she's in great shape and still a really youthful. She loves to roll around and she's really friendly. She has nice, long black hair, so she needs help brushing it sometimes just to keep her well groomed. Crucnhy's really friendly, and she's been really happy and outgoing while at the shelter. She's really relaxed in her little condo, and she's hoping to find a family that will give her a lot of attention, cause she is always asking people for it. Crunchy has other cat and dog friends, along with a lot of rabbit friends at the shelter, so please come and visit them."