Pet of the Week: Camo the Cat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Older, wiser, and cuter are the best ways to describe Camo.
Let's go meet News 13's Pet of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; FNSB Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's pet of the week is Camo. Camo is a 12 year old Tortie cat who has short hair and is already spayed. She was brought to the shelter because her owners were moving, and they had acquired her because she came with the house. So Camo has lived at the same house her whole life. She was an indoor and outdoor cat but because she probably won't adjust well to a new neighborhood too quickly, she should be kept indoors until she can bond with her family and know where she is at. Camo is 12 years old but is still very youthful, and healthy, she is at a really good weight and seems like she has been well taken care of her whole life so she has a lot of life and love left to give. Camo gets along with cat, dogs, and children so she is a great pet for most families. She uses her litter box nicely and she is just really easy-going and gets along well with everybody. Even though she has the Tortie color, she doesn't have the notorious tortitude that everyone thinks of when they see a cat like her. And she has other cat, dog, and small animal friends looking for loving