Pet of the Week: Benjamin and Ferule the Rats

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Benjamin and Ferule are two young brother rats looking to be part of a new family.
Let's go meet News 13's Pets of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are Benjamin and Ferule. They are 12 week old baby boy rats who were brought to the shelter because their owner had too many. They are really friendly and were well socialized since they were born and they really enjoy interacting with people. They are really fun to take care of here at the shelter. Rats are really awesome small pets they are the most trainable of the small animals. You can clicker train them and they are relatively easy to care for because they spend their time in a cage when you are not home with them but they love to be interactive. They love to perch on your shoulder and be with you and they can learn to get along with other pets as long as the other pets can be safe around them. Rats are pretty easy to care for because their cage needs to be thoroughly cleaned about once a week. They get really stressed out if their bedding is changed on a daily basis. So that makes them easier to maintain. They need clean water and chew toys, some fresh treats, and of course their well-balanced food that you can find in pet stores. Benjamin and Ferule have a lot of other small animal friends as well as cats and dogs looking for loving homes.