Pet of The Week - Walnut

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Ellen Mitchell; Animal Tender >> "Hi I'm Ellen Mitchell and this week's Pet of the Week is Walnut, our residential Chihuahua. Walnut is an older gentleman whose previous owners surrendered him due to him escaping a lot and marking on a neighbor's property. He has been neutered since then so with training that should be resolved. He loves to cuddle and he is not a big player because he is an older dude but he does love to cuddle and be pet and scratched and loved on. It is recommended that he not go to a home with small children or cats because his previous owners did say he was a bit nippy, we haven't experienced that but it is something that we caution about. Any potential adopters that want to come see him are encouraged to bring their dogs if they have them, to come meet with him, to make sure that they get along. If Walnut is not right for you, he has lots of other canine friends at the shelter waiting to be adopted."