Pet Of The Week: Yertle & Gigantica

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This week's Pets of the Week are Yertle and Gigantica.

They are two red eared sliders who were brought to the shelter because they weren't being the friendliest in their home.

Yertle would escape from time to time to lay eggs and would be a bit aggressive when her owners would try to catch her and put her back in her enclosure.

Yertle and Gigantica need heated water and they need clean water that is changed quite often and with an extra-large filter for the area that they are in.

They also need a basking area so they can sunbathe, especially now that it is going to be dark and colder, they want to feel like they are on a beach too.

Yertle and Gigantica are not the kind of pets you would cuddle with but if you enjoy turtles and watching turtle behavior, they would be really neat for someone that likes that kind of thing.
They are really long-lived and because of their tank and aquarium setup, they are high maintenance but are really cool creatures to have in your home if you are willing to accommodate them.

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