Pet Of The Week: Vida

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This week's Pet of the Week is Vida.
Vida is a 5-year-old Alaskan Husky Mix.
Vida has always been kept as an outdoor dog so she is not familiar with being an indoor dog or with being housebroken- but sled dogs are usually very clean and know not to go to the bathroom in their dog house.
Because of that, they can be usually easily housebroken with the use of crates and lots of supervision and positive reinforcement.
Vida is really a little bit shy, but once she knows you, she's really playful and really outgoing
. When new people come to the shelter, she wants to hide at first, but when her friends that she knows come to visit her, she's really excited and loveable and affectionate.
Vida was found to be hyper-thyroid by our shelter veterinarian so she will need medication for the rest of her life, but it's very affordable and easy to give her.
Vida doesn't really get along with her sister so she probably doesn't play well with other dogs, she would do best as an only dog in her new home, and might not do well with cats as sled dogs have a high prey drive for cats.
If Vida isn't the right pet for you we have other dogs, cats, and a lot of small animals who are looking for loving homes.