Pet Of The Week: Tessy

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This weeks pet of the week is Tessy. Tessy is a 5 month old lab mix, she is a spayed female. Tessy and her sister were returned to the shelter and they are looking for loving homes. They are older puppies but definitely still need to go to obedience classes and learn basic manners and also be fully house broken because only have that partially down. Tessy is very affectionate, really energectic and just the happy kind of lab puppy that you would picture when you think of a lab mix puppy. Tessy does well with other dogs and she likes children and has had a lot of positive experiences so her new home should continue to introduce her to positive people and animals so that she can still be social and grow into a really nice little dog. Tessy had eaten a sock before she came to the shelter and had to go to the veteraniarian for that, which is a typical puppy behavior for them to try and eat things thsat they shouldn't. So just like with any puppy you need to supervise them like you would a baby so that they don't eat things they shouldn't. Tessy is totally healthy now and is just fine, she just wasn't feeling good those couple days. She does know how to settle after shes had a good playtime and a lot of attention so she would just benefit from a home that can give her a lot of exercise and bring her to puppy classes so they can teach her how to be a really good dog. Tessy and her sister arer looking for loving homes along with other dogs, cats, and small animals at the shelter.