Pet Of The Week: Oreo

This week's Pet of the Week is Oreo.

Oreo is a 3 year old rabbit who came to the shelter originally in May because her owners were moving and is now looking for a new home.

She is really a sweet girl and she picked up litter box training really
quickly and remembers it still.

She is a lot larger than most pet rabbits that people are seeking, she's not small like a 3 or 4 pound rabbit.

Oreo is really curious and really sweet, she definitely enjoys being able to stretch out and kick up her heels so she would enjoy having a big space to run in at least once a day for a few hours, if not all day.

A rabbit like Oreo is a little bit harder to accommodate because of her size, a lot of the rabbit cages that are for sale aren't meant for a rabbit this large, so if she is adopted, her new owners need to custom build something, kind of be creative, make her a bigger enclosure so that she can be comfortable and move a lot.

Oreo has other rabbit friends at the shelter and she also has dog and cat friends looking for loving homes.