Pet Of The Week: Mookie The Husky

Looking to be more active this summer?
Well we've got the friend for you.

Mookie is a year-and-a-half old Alaska husky mix. He came to the shelter because he likes to jump fences and take himself on runs and his owner wasn't able to keep him home, so he's really hoping to find an active family that can keep him home and not let him escape.

He is a little bit of an escape artist because he can jump fences and he also likes to dig.
He is a little bit shy and seems to not have been well socialized but once he know someone he's really playful and friendly.

Mookie doesn't like other dogs so he should be socialized with other dogs in the hopes that maybe he'll improve, but for now he needs to be an only pet.

He has a high prey drive and that translates with cats we believe also so we feel that he probably wouldn't be safe with cats in the home either.

Mookie has done well with children in the past, but because he isn't the most social dog, we recommend that he does not go to a home with small children, he'd do better with older more experienced children that can respect his space.

Cookie is housebroken and crate trained, so he knows how to be an inside dog, which is great.
He just needs someone that can meet his activity level.

Mookie is looking to be an only pet in an active family and he also has other dog, cat friends, and a lot of birds that are looking for homes too.