Pet Of The Week: 'Ginger'

Ginger is a 14 year old short-hair cat who is a beautiful tortie color and she is looking for a retirement home. Ginger came to the shelter because her family was moving and they were unable to take her. She is getting a little grumpy in her older age, she likes to be the only cat, she doesn't really enjoy younger children just because they are not gentle enough with her.
So, Ginger would prefer to be an only pet in her retirement home, and if there are children she's prefer them to be older and respectful of her space. If there's a lot of space for animals to get some alone time sometimes they can get along and coexist while ignoring each other, so she might be able to join a home with other laid back cats or really quiet calm dog.
Ginger is really vocal at the shelter and she's really affectionate. She doesn't really quite know that she's 14 so she really likes to walk around and explore and get attention and check things out so she's really fun cat, she still has a lot of life left in her and she's really hoping to find that perfect retirement home where she can cuddle up with her person.
She's used to sleeping in the bed with her people so she would really enjoy it if there was a spot for her with her people at nighttime, so, ha.
Ginger is a really sweet cat who's looking for a loving home and she also has other cat, dog, and rabbit friends looking for loving homes as well.