Pet Of The Week: Coral & Hydra

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This week's pets of the week are Coral and Hydra.
They were born at the shelter a year ago.
They are really social because they were handled a lot when they were really young and have continued to be held a lot in their most recent home.

Hydra and Coral are a bonded sister pair so they are hoping to be adopted together so that they can be really happy and always have a companion, even when their owners are going to be at school or work. Rats are really fun pets, they're really interactive.
You can train them and they can do tricks and they really appreciate treats.
They also make really great classroom pets or pets for people who don't have the time or space for a larger pet.
They have a really easy diet if you buy them good rat food and keep their water clean and keep their cages clean, they are relatively low maintenance.

Cleaning is their biggest need and of course playing with them.

If Hydra and Coral aren't the right match for you, we have other rats, cats, and dogs looking for loving homes.