Pet Of The Week : Denali

Denali is a 7 year old Alaska Husky.
She has always been kept outdoors; she has been a sled dog and is trained in mushing.
She does well with other dog and likes children but she doesn't have experience with smaller animals.
Denali has not been house broken but she does know how to travel in a crate and she is very friendly and sweet.
She is about the age that you would start to retire her and turn her into a house dog, teach her how to be a house dog so she is at a really great age for someone who is interested in the breed but isn't ready to commit to puppy levels of energy.
She is still very active and would be a great outdoors buddy for someone who likes to go skiing or hiking or that kind of thing outside.
Denali will easily be housebroken if her owners are really good at setting a schedule and being really positive and making it really hard for her to have accidents.

If she's not the right fit for you we have other dogs, cats and small animals that are looking for loving homes.