PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Puddin Pop the Cat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - She's sweet and full of surprises and waiting to melt your heart. Meet 'Puddin Pop' – our News 13 "Pet of the Week.'

"My name is Shelby, and this week's pet of the week is Pudding Pop. She's a 13 year old spayed cat. She's and older cat that wants a quieter home, maybe with older children. She would prefer a home with no dogs. And probably be best in a home with no other cats as well. She does have a lot of spunk left. She plays and she cuddles a lot, and she is very loving. She does like her own space sometimes, so its best if she kinda has her own area to get away to if she needs to. Puddin Pop was adopted from the shelter twice. The first time she was returned was due to allergies of the new owner. And her second time the most recent time was cause she was a little too vocal. She will sing when you are not home, so maybe she wouldn't do best in an apartment or if you have roommates that aren't a big fan of singers. Puddin pop is very tolerant of being handled. She has been seen by the vet, she's also had a dental done and some blood work because she is an older cat. And she has been very tolerant and easy to handle for that entire process, and she is very cuddly. Puddin Pop also has other small animal friends and other cats and dogs looking for their forever homes at the shelter," said Shelby Sears Animal Tender from the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter.