PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Mr. Wiggly the Rabbit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Kimberly Imbert, animal tender for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter introduced this week's 'Pet of the Week Mr. Wiggly.

Imbert describes Mr. Wiggly is approximately a one year old male rabbit.

“He was brought to the shelter because he was caught in a trap. He had been set loose for some time and we are not sure how much of his life that was,” said Imbert

She also said Mr. Wiggly has really shown a great personality while he has been at the shelter.

“He has been really friendly and brave he likes to hop around and explore and he is also learning how to become litter box trained extremely well,” she explained.

Mr. Wiggly probably doesn't have a lot of experience with water bottles. They are feeding him with a bowl and a water dish so maybe he can learn how to drink from a bottle.

“Sometimes it can take them a little while because they haven't had a water bottle,” she said.

She said he is a really personable rabbit. He will come right up to you.

“So he will be a really great pet for someone who wanted a house bunny even though he has lived a little bit on the wild side he would really like to be part of someone's family and in a nice safe home where he doesn't have to worry about predators,” she said.

Imbert said Rabbits make really good pets.

“Especially the ones that like to be litter box trained because most of them are litter box trained easily. they are really clean animals in the home and as long as you have a rabbit safe place where there are no cord or house plants for them to eat they do really well,” said Imbert.

Mr. Wiggly has other rabbit turtle, dog and cat friends looking for loving homes as well.