PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Luna and Sol the Turtles

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Kimberly Imbert, animal tender for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter introduced this week's Pets of the Week Luna and Soul.

"They are two younger Red Eared Sliders. We think they are less than five years old. ​

They can be pretty high maintenance pets. Red Eared Sliders are semi-aquatic animals and they require one gallon of water per one inch of shell length. So when you have two of them and they add up to over 10 inches you're going to need at least 100 gallons of water to house them properly. ​

They also require a really powerful filter to keep their water clean because they go to the bathroom a lot in their water and you want them to be healthy and have clean water and if you have a better filter you have to clean their tanks less often. ​

They also require special lamps so that they can be healthy and bask like they are in the sunshine. Which is good for their shell health and their overall health. ​

Turtles are really long lived, they can live about 50 years, maybe even longer if properly cared for. ​

They are usually not social to begin with, these two haven't been handled very much, but if you interact with them and work with them, they can definitely be more friendly, come up to the water for treats and be more of a pet if you are willing to spend the time. But Red Eared Sliders are more of a kind of pet that you maintain and look and they are really fun to watch they are really fun to have if you like kind of a tropical environment in your home. ​

They are really quiet except for their filter in their tank, And for people who may have allergies to other pets, they can be a nice option too. ​

So turtles can be really fun if you are ready for that kind of a commitment for the tank upkeep. ​

Luna and Soul also have other turtle friends at the shelter looking for a loving home as well as rabbits, dogs and cats."