PET OF THE WEEK: Lola the guinea pig

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Her name is Lola... she is a... Guinea Pig. And you don't have to travel to the Copacabana to find her.

"This week’s Pet of the Week is Lola. Lola is a one year old female guinea pig. She was brought to the shelter because her family thought that she was really lonely being by herself.

Guinea pigs are really social animals, they do much better when they have a bunny or a community of guinea pigs to spend their days with.

Of course it is really good for guinea pigs to be only with their same gender or to have the males neutered. So that they can't make a lot of babies because they do reproduce really quickly. And there are a lot of risks involved with guinea pigs breeding.

Lola is a really pretty color, she is like a gray agouti kind of color.

She just is one of the cutest guinea pigs ever, so she is really hoping to find a loving home with friends and humans that will feed her vitamin C and lots of hay and keep her cage really clean.

She is a little on the shy side, but with patience and gentle handling she'll come around. And of course with children always supervising them so they are really nice to her is a really good idea.

Lola has a lot of other exotic friends at the shelter, including other guinea pigs, rabbits, birds hamsters and turtles that are looking for loving homes. So if you are thinking about a non-dog or cat pet, we have a really big variety right now as well as dogs and cats that are looking for loving homes."