PET OF THE WEEK: Emperor is ready to conquer your heart

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Kimberly Imbert is an animal tender at Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter/Control and this week's 'Pet of the Week' is Emperor. Kimberly shares more information about this loving feline that is looking for his “fur-ever” home.

“Emperor is a five-year-old flame point cat, who was brought to the shelter because he was too scared in his previous home, to be really an active member of his family. Emperor has gotten a little more comfortable at the shelter. He definitely is curious about his surroundings, he has some neighbor rabbits right now that he's pretty curious about. He is fearful of loud and rambunctious things like dogs and children, and he can even be afraid of some cats. So Emperor is really hoping to find someone that's quiet, maybe an adult only family that really enjoys their quiet time and their peace so that he can be with them. If Emperor were to go to a home that's loud and exciting, he would probably hide and that's what he was doing in his previous home. He was kind of taking cover in a closet and he wasn't really brave enough to come and interact with his family. So we're hoping that he can find someone that's quieter and that doesn't have a lot of other pets or children that visit. So that he can just be really brave and interact with his people a lot because he's a really sweet cat, he just is really nervous. Emperor had only been in his previous home for 1 month, and sometimes cats do take up to 3 months to adjust to a new environment, especially when they're more on the timid side. So he'll need some patience and just some things to help sooth him in his new changing environment we he does move in a new home. Emperor has other cat, lots of sled dog friends, and a lot of exotic animal friends here at the shelter as well.”