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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - If you have a soft spot for all things big, you will fall in love with this large ball of fluff. In our latest installment of Pet of the Week we met Chena.

Animal tender, Sterling Kuhl said, "Hi, I'm Sterling and our pet of the week this week is Chena. She is a seven year old spayed Alaskan malamute. She was originally brought to the shelter because she started becoming overly aggressive with other dogs and a little intolerant of children. Since she has been at the shelter she has shown good signs, and we did a temperament test on her and Chena cannot go to any homes with children, other dogs, or cats. As you can see Chena is a little over weight at the moment, we recommend that her new owner puts her on a very strict diet to help her weight, as well as in the future helping with her joints. With her new owners we definitely recommend light exercises to begin with to shed some weight and then continuing with that exercise to keep her at an ideal weight. And if you have any other questions about her we can answer them while you're doing a visit with Chena here at the shelter."