Meet Falene the Sled Dog in this Week’s Pet of the Week

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Falene is a sled dog ready to break from the pack and race straight to your heart.

Let's take a walk inside the yard, in this week's edition of 'Pet of the Week'.

"This week's pet of the week is Falene. Falene is an Alaska Husky Mix, who came to the shelter as a stray. We don't know much about her history because her owner or the person who found her didn't leave information. She came in with a couple of other sled dogs, and they're really sweet. She's a little on the shy side. She also has a lot of husky friends here at the shelter. Some of them have come because their owners were unable to take care of so many, and so we have quite a verity. A lot of different ages, Males and Females, and most of them are on the shy quiet side. So they are hoping to find someone who can exercise them and socialize them. And Falene is pretty energetic, so she could probably learn how to be a house dog. If her person likes to ski jour, or run or hike or something where she can be kept really busy. Get a lot of that energy out before she has time to find things to do inside and be a good girl and make good choices. Sled dogs are the Alaskan dog so, if you love the outdoors, they are really well equip for that. They are really high energy and they are very smart. Sometimes though that can be a negative thing because they are so smart that they can escape things that other maybe other dogs couldn't. They are also very smart so they need to be kept busy. so if they aren't giving things to do, they will find things to entertain themselves which usually isn't the most fun thing for the owner. Sled dogs, they are great hiking buddies, year -round and they can be ski-jouring buddies, most of them. So they could just be your companion, throughout the year, which makes them really ideal for active people,” said Kimberly Imbert, Animal Tender.