Gardening Tips: Soil and manure mixes are key ingredients

"Soil that's just been scrapped off the top of the ground, and it's a combination of peat, peat moss and a mineral soil that might have some extra sand in it. So if you're purchasing top soil you don't need to add anything more to it other than nutrients. If you're working with the soil in your yard, maybe it's going to look like this. And this is a very "silty" soil you can see how different the color is compared to the top soil here. So, in order to add more organic matter to it you could add peat, or you could add compost which would be better yet. Because compost is going to provide slow release source of nutrients, and it's just going to be a better soil conditioner than the peat. If you're container gardening, then things change too and a lot of people are growing vegetables in containers as well as flowers. So, there are some commercial products that you can buy. Big bails of pre-mix to soil this mix, this is peat and the white stuff is perlite, and the perlite's important for good aeration. Or, you might have Vermiculite to provide porosity. So you could work with topsoil that you purchase and then just get some perlite some nicolite. And then you'll be good to go to fill your containers. That's it for tonight, join me next week for planting the garden."
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