Adopt the playful white and black Australian Cattle dog mix, Quin

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Quin is a playful white and black Australian Cattle Dog mix. According to Kimberly Imbert with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, he was brought to the shelter because his owner was PCSing and couldn't bring him with him.

“Quin has been at the shelter one of the longest times of the dogs that we currently have. He's been here for about a month,” she said.

With a big deep bark, Imbert said Quin is a little nervous when he meets strangers so he doesn't like it when people look at him in his kennel, and they're staring right at him so he doesn't have the best kennel presentation, but he's actually a really sweet boy.

Imbert added that he is very puppy like. He has a lot of energy and he's really smart.

“Quin is hoping to find a family that does not have small children because he still has some things to learn about meeting new people. So he is really intelligent, really athletic and he would do good in a home that has time to train him and do really fun activities with him,” she said.

Quin is house trained and kennel trained and he knows some basic commands , and he walks really nicely on a leash if you work with him. He doesn't always meet other dogs nicely, but he's learning and improving. He is just a great dog for someone that has time for him.