Ticasuk Brown Elementary

Koya Truax
2nd Grade

"My name is Koya Truax and I am from Kalispell, Montana. I moved to Fairbanks 6 years ago to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I graduated in 2017 with my degree in Elementary Education. This year I will be teaching second grade at Ticasuk Brown Elementary School. This will be my third year at Ticasuk and my first year teaching a straight second grade class. Last year I taught a second and third grade combination class and the year before I taught 3rd grade.
My goal is to engage students in learning through hands on materials and experiences. For example, last year I turned my classroom into a construction zone complete with hard hats and safety vests. Students found the measurements, area, and perimeter of different objects around the room. It was so exciting seeing the students so engaged in their learning.
Personalized learning is another goal of mine. Through different reading and math rotations, I am able to help students at their level. Over the past few years I've researched different ideas to help my students where they need it. Personalized learning is the key to student success. It has been so exciting seeing students meet their learning goals and gain confidence in their abilities. This year I really want to focus in on my reading instruction. I found great success with reading rotations and hope find new ways to meet students' needs through these rotations. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!"

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Kristina Clemente

I teach Kindergarten at Ticasuk Brown Elementary. I love to be in the classroom and subscribe to the idea that children learn best when they are having fun. I strongly use the concept of "play to learn" in my classroom. That being said, there are not always enough resources to accomplish my ideas. I find that many students come to me lacking the most basic educational tools. I use my own funds to help fill the gap but then I don't always have enough to get the extra things that add to the fun learning environment. I have a passion for children, having 6 of my own, and love to watch these tiny humans grow from being toddlers just leaving their parents to being students that are ready and willing to learn. As their fist experience in the school setting, I feel the need to help them learn to love learning. If I can't help them develop a passion and love of school early on then it will be much harder later in their lives to develop that passion. I would appreciate any and all help in supplying my classroom with the tools necessary to accomplish the learning environment that I envision. It takes more than us educators have at our disposal to help these students grow and succeed.

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