Discovery Peak Charter School

MaryPat Shaffer
2nd Grade

I am proud to be an educator who grew up in Alaska and received my degree from UAF. I didn’t know when I began classes at the university how much I would love teaching and love Fairbanks. While getting my degree, I worked as a camp counselor and a tutor. It was excellent experience and has helped me immensely in the classroom as well as getting to know our community. I’ve since made Fairbanks my home and I’ve been teaching for three years in first grade. I am excited to move up to second grade and be a part of the opening of Discovery Peak Charter School. I’m moving to a new building and a brand new school. I will be without many things I left behind in my previous classroom. These items help me make my classroom an inviting and functional place where learning can flourish. The largest theme in my classroom is a positive and welcoming classroom environment. I do this by decorating with calm and cool colors, emphasizing kindness and connecting with each of my students. I connect with my students through morning meetings and letter writing correspondence where I respond to each student letter. Some things I need to do these are a calendar pocket chart, class set of writing journals, and bins for my classroom library. I am constantly making lists of things I’d like for my classroom and most often purchase things myself. I would be honored to experience the support from our community and blessed to be able to share the items with my students and their families. Thank you for caring for educators and our community.

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