Arctic Light Elementary

Sarah E Van Amburg
1st Grade

Hello! My name is Sarah Evans and I am a second-year teacher in the Fairbanks school district, currently teaching 1st grade at Arctic Light. My father was an educator during my entire childhood, and I’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher myself. Now that I’ve actually started into my profession, I can honestly say it’s everything I hoped for and more. I love working with early primary grades, building educational foundations for my students that I hope will propel them into learning for years to come. I am applying for the Adopt-A-Classroom program in the hopes of gaining additional tools to make my classroom engaging, interactive, effective, and fun! My students are in the early stages of learning literacy and numeracy, so I’ve included activities that help them get hands-on experience with forming letters, making words, and adding or subtracting numbers. I also have organizational tools and materials to facilitate small groups within my class, such as the colored seating spots and library / book bins. I was incredibly lucky to be gifted a small library of books during my first year, but I still need a way to sort and display books for my students so they can be independent with them. Finally, I have a few flexible seating options selected so my students can move while they need to be active in the classroom. I’m excited to be continuing on into the second year of my teaching career, and I’m hopeful that the amazing and supportive community of Fairbanks will be willing to help me in acquiring these materials and tools for my classroom!

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