Pet of the Week: Adopt the energetic dog Bandit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Bandit is a playful and energetic mix of black Labrador Retriever and Chow Chow. Animal Tender with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, Kimberly Imbert, said he came to the shelter because his family was moving and they were unable to take him.

"Bandit is a really well socialized dog and he has been around dogs, cats and even rabbits, so he shouldn't be fully trusted around rabbits but he has experience living with them calmly and friendly," she said.

She added that Bandit is a bit overweight. He would benefit from an active family that will feed him a good amount of food and give him daily exercise. He is young and he's an active breed of dog so he definitely needs to be out there getting exercise every day.

"He loves playing fetch with a Frisbee, and he would be really easy to exercise because dogs that will let you retrieve things. It's kind of easier to get them running," she said.

According to Bandit's previous owners, he loves car rides but he can be destructive if he's let alone inside. He may get into the trash.

"Bandit doesn't like to have his paws touched and is kind of weird about somethings being touched, so we don't recommend that he goes to a home with small children just because he is kind of clumsy and we just want him to be a little more comfortable with being handled before he goes to a home with children," Imbert said.