Pet Of The Week: Syrian & Peanut Butter

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This week's Pet's of the Week are Syrian and Peanut Butter.

They are two male guinea pigs who came in separately but have really developed a nice friendship at the shelter.

Syrian came in because his owners were moving and they were unable to take him, and Peanut Butter came in because the other guinea pig in the home was picking on him.

Syrian is really shy - he is the red guinea pig with dark points and he is really scared to be handled by people, but if he has a gentle owner who has some experience and knows how to properly hold him, he would really come around quickly, and he is learning how to trust us at the shelter but he will squeal out of nervousness at the moment.
So he needs to learn how to trust people and would be best in a home with older children or adults who know how to handle him, smaller children would probably just create more fear for him.

Peanut Butter is a little shy but he is not as nervous about being handled so he would be good for any kind of home that has time for a friendly little guinea pig.

Guinea pigs like to be in groups and so they don't like to be all by themselves and the two would be really happy is they could have a home together because they have already bonded together and are snuggling together and taking naps and it's really adorable.

If Peanut Butter and Syrian sound like great pets you should come and visit them, they also have other dog and cat friends, and turtle friends, looking for loving homes.