Alaska DOT receives $25 million for earthquake damage

Commissioner John MacKinnon stated in a press release that they will have robust efforts next summer to make more permanent repairs to the earthquake damage.

Governor Mike Dunleavy is still in Washington, D.C. this week, following his meeting with president Donald Trump.

overnor Mike Dunleavy just announced that he will be proposing the 2020 budget from former Governor Bill Walker's administration.

Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer said in a press release, "Gail has the skills, wisdom, experience and judgement to restore Alaskan's faith and trust in our elections process and that is exactly what we pledge to do."

Borough, school district reach agreement on fund balance

BLM generated over $1.5 million in annual sales

Ft. Wainwrights soldiers organize winter clothing drive

FPD responds to motor vehicle accident with borough bus

Dunleavy visits White House, meets with President Trump

Borough meeting covers air quality language, school funding, hazardous material clean up

UAF researchers visit D.C. to learn about predicting wildfire forecasts

Trial continues for North Pole man accused of killing his son

Local man charged with assault, robbery, burglary for Thanksgiving break in

North Pole man in court for charging cars with a sledgehammer

How DOT mitigates risks when building over permafrost

Christmas display lights up Birch Lane neighborhood

Invisible gas linked to lung cancer found in Alaska

Troopers respond to personal emergency report

Fairbanks police officer faces theft charges after stealing money

Fairbanks City Council addresses equal rights, receives both positive and negative feedback

Fairbanks City Council approves 2019 budget

Permafrost Thawing Severely Threatens Arctic Infrastructure Over Next 30 Years

Breast Cancer Detection Center debuted new look at ribbon cutting ceremony

Fairbanks police officer charged with theft, official misconduct

Fairbanks man charged with first degree murder in suspicious death investigation

Gov. Dunleavy set to meet President Trump Thursday

Rep. Gary Knopp announces withdraw from Republican caucus, pushing bipartisan coalition

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