Poll Results: What's your pick for the Interior Top 5 Play of the Week for May 15-20?

For the number five play, we go to the diamond, and it’s Hutchison pitcher Isaac Roehl, who is not in the frame for this pitch that broke so much it made the batter duck and then ended up in the strike zone.
To the soccer pitch for number four, Jacob Lurhs takes a shot from way out. The goalie gets his hands on it but can't control it and it gets past him for the score.
Hutchison Hawks keeper Jeff Kittleman gets number three for an incredible series of saves. He blocks the long shot the stops not one but two rebound shots.
Heading back to the diamond for the number two play, Axel Keeton gets a hold of one and sends it deep. All the outfielders can do is watch it sail over the fence and then watch him round the bases.
Staying with baseball for the number one play, Gus Jensen and London Emerson combined to throw a no-hitter against Delta Junction. Jensen worked four innings and struck out two, and Emerson struck out five in two innings to lead the Wolfpack to a 10-0 win.

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