Poll Results: What's your choice for Interior Top 5 Play of the Week for May 8-12?

Five: High school soccer. Igor O'Rear sends it over to Lafi Skipps, who sends it right back, and O'Rear beats the goalie for the score.
Four: Ice Dogs. Connor Chilton is one-on-one with the goalie. The puck goes off his chest and Grayson Gavin is there to clean it up and get the goal.
Three: Back to soccer. Lathrop gets the ball deep in the opponent's zone. A perfect pass right to Anthony Olguin in front of the goal. He sends it over the goalie's outstretched arms into the back of the net.
Two: More Ice Dogs. Daniel Haider has the puck and threads the pass through the defense to Bauer Neudecker, who shoots it over the lunging goalie for the score.
One: More hockey. Erkka Vanska goes behind the net and then shoots. Bauer Neudecker has to jump over the puck. It squeezes between the goalie and the post for the goal.

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