Poll Results: What's your favorite Interior Top 5 Play for the week of May 1?

For the number five play, it's Eielson's Zachary Paul. He has the ball teed up. It sails right between two defenders and then past the goalie and into the back of the net.
For number four, Sierra Denny sends one toward the goal from way out and it's just out of the reach of the keeper.
The number three play is Sierra Shurr hitting two goals in a game; one of the goals tied the game up late. Both were on penalty kicks and in almost the same place in the net.
Thenumber two play is also two goals. These two come from Cole Thomas. The first he gets right in front of the net and converts. The second is off of a throw in. He controls it and slips it past the goalie for his second of the game.
The number one play goes to Igor O'Rear. He scored four times in the first half alone in the game against Hutchison. He could not be stopped. He beat the defense and goalie in every way. He even went five hole on the goalie twice.

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