Poll Results: Which is your choice for the Interior Top 5 Play of the Week? (April 3-10)

5: Sam Ruffin picks up the puck, takes it right at the goalie, and just beats him with the wrister.
4: The Ice Dogs show off some slick passing for number four. Then Benton Maass gets the shot on goal. The first one doesn't go, but he gets it on the second try.
3: Grayson Gavin has the puck near center ice, splits the defense, and shoots—the puck sails into the back of the net.
2: Hunter Wendt has a shot, misses, then spins and passes over to Cayden Cahill who buries for the score.
1: Daniel Haider gets the puck in close; on his shot, it bounces into the air; he swats it out of the air and into the back of the net.

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