Poll Results: Which is your pick for the I5 Play of the Week?

Grayson Gavin gets the puck on the rebound and he puts it back. He gets it under the goalie as a defender slides into him and takes out his legs.
Hampus Eriksson gets the puck near the blue line. He skates toward the goal. Tees it up and he fires it right passed the goalie and into the back of the net.
Errka Vanska picks up the loose puck and he flicks it toward the goal. It sails over the goalie’s shoulder and in for the score.
Still on the ice for number two. Sam Ruffin has the puck on a breakaway. He skates around the goalie, gets him to lunge, and then finishes with the backhand for the goal.
Jeremiah Brown gets the ball, and it’s just him and Antonio Griffith on the break. He throws it up and Griffith throws it down to end the game in style.

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