Public Land Order to affect more than 250,000 acres in Good News Bay Area

Alaska Tribal courts receive $900,000 grant for Diversion Agreements

Local non-profit advocates for suicide awareness in rural villages

Coast gaurd rescues man in helicopter crash, searching for survivors

Statewide cellphone alert test scheduled for Oct 3

New Dalton Highway sign honors man it was named after

Man accused of murdering Kotzebue girl

Two Fairbanks men killed in plane crash

Man charged for false statements in connection with missing Kotzebue girl

Missing Kotzebue girl found dead

FBI team searches for missing Alaska girl

New alert system could show up on your cell phone

PFD for 2018 is set for $1,600

Largest earthquake hits Alaska's Northern Region

Spotlight on entertainment as countdown to fair continues

UAF boasts longest standing weather station in Alaska

Tanana Valley State Fair: Two days and counting

State Fair manager Blake Matray excited about changes

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