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State Legislature

Gov. Walker will propose 1.5% tax increase in fourth special session

Governor Walker will call legislators into a fourth special session

Alaska's $1.4 billion 2018 capital budget is smallest since 2000

Alaska Legislature closes third special session with compromise on capital budget

Alaska Legislature adjourns after 180 days

State Legislature still without plan to generate state revenue and cut deficits

Alaska House Majority says state needs a fair oil tax reform to fund future financial needs

Governor Walker approves $4.9 billion operating budget for FY18

Fairbanks Labor Union rallies to urge Governor Walker to pass capital budget

Governor signs HB23 into law at North Pole's Trooper Memorial Park

Walker calls legislature back for second special session before July 1st government shutdown

Alaska House Passes Budget, Gavels Session In Opposition To Alaska Senate

Alaska House of Reps restores $2,000 PFD payout

State Legislature is halfway through Special Session without much accomplished