Scientists gather on river for Fresh Eyes on Ice workshop

Machine learning helps accelerate NOAA fish surveys

Scientists commence journey to study Arctic warming

UAF researcher conducts international training on radar remote sensing applications

UAF researcher prepares to study sea ice while ship frozen in sea ice

NASA Astronaut visits Fairbanks

Hundreds gather for annual science potpourri

Science potpourri bring fun for the whole family

Chemistry professor talks about Fairbanks' air quality problem

Students and parents get a head start on Science Fair at Noel Wein Library

UAF offers class new cannabis chemistry class

How DOT mitigates risks when building over permafrost

Permafrost Thawing Severely Threatens Arctic Infrastructure Over Next 30 Years

Scientists visit HAARP, long-time controversial site, for research campaign

People gather at UAF for NASA's Insight Lander touch down on Mars

Scientists find first crater under Earth's continental ice sheets

9,000 year old child's tooth gives researchers better understanding of Alaska's ancient people

UAF has automated underwater vehicles called "gliders" for collecting data

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