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Man accused of home break-in on Thanksgiving appears in court

Three men charged with Fairbanks prison riot appear in court

Man accused of killing 10-year-old Kotzebue girl appears in Fairbanks court

Fairbanks man faces charges of attempted murder, assault

Fairbanks man faces charges of robber, vehicle theft, assault

Local man arraigned on charges of third and fourth degree assault

Supreme Court hesitant to rule on Alaskan waterway, hover boat case

Local man faces charges of murder, assault

Fairbanks Four takes case to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Fairbanks Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Killing Another Man With a Pipe

Fairbanks Four back in court, suing city of Fairbanks

Local woman spits on police officer, refuses sobriety test

Woman accused of killing her two children voiced objection to judge

Fairbanks man arraigned on 35 counts of sexual abuse

Wilson's bail set at 3 million for murder, sexual abuse, kidnapping

Man pleads not guilty to charges in connection with deceased Kotzebue girl

Man pleads not guilty to sexual assault charge

Local man facing charges for sexual abuse of a minor

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