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Health Report

Testing for radon in Alaska

An odorless, invisible, deadly gas: Carbon Monoxide

Fairbanks doctor advises on how to prepare for unexpected cold weather situations

Access Alaska provides resources for the disability community in the interior

Puppies help Fairbanks college students get through final exams

Doctors in Fairbanks use manipulative therapy to let the body heal itself

First case of vaping-related illness reported in Alaska

Fairbanks City Council to introduce proposed vaping tax

Oil Spills impact human health

Fairbanks specialist discusses causes behind varicose veins

Preventing diseases spread by animals in Alaska

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital discusses National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Fermentation workshop in Fairbanks encourages community members to preserve food for winter

Researchers identify new strain of HIV

Adjusting for daylight saving time

Fairbanks experiencing behavioral health crisis according to hospital behavioral health director

Step-In Autism Services holds new workshop for sleep deprived parents

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