Yukon Quest makes change to trail weeks before 2019 race

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We're going to start off tonight's sportscast with breaking news from our State Sport.
The 2019 Yukon Quest is set for their February 2nd start down in Whitehorse, but they did have to make some changes to the trail.
Mushers will now start with a team of 8 to 14 dogs to run to the Braeburn checkpoint.
Due to the lack of snow, the teams will then be trucked to Carmacks, where they will restart after 12 hours.
They will then be able to add their remaining dogs to their team before leaving Carmacks.
The Quest also announced that the Dawson City Dog Drop will be held on "Bonanza Road" rather than the river, for the second consecutive year.
Race officials are still reviewing the conditions of the trail from Whitehorse to Fairbanks and will make any necessary changes to ensure the safety of the teams.