Yukon Quest elects new Board members

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Yukon Quest held their annual membership meetings late last month, and elected new members to their board of Directors.
For the Alaska Side of the race, Dave McAlpin and Sam Coffman will be joining the board. ​
McAlpin will be bringing 25 years of CPA experience to the table while Coffman, who has been a race volunteer since 2012, will focus on fundraising, accounting, and logistical coordination. ​
The three new directors voted in Whitehorse were Dana Robertson, Nikole Wlasichuk (W-law-Si-Chuck), and Amelie Druillet (Drew-Lay). ​
Robertson has been a supporter of the quest for years and has executive experience, being a board member for the Association of Administration Assistants and the Canmore Highland Games. ​
Wlasichuk had her first experience with the Yukon Quest while serving as the manager for the 2019 QuestFest. ​
She will be focusing on fundraising and event planning. ​
And Druillet, who has volunteered for the race for four years, will also be bringing in event planning and organizational skills. ​
Seven board members will be leaving to make way for these newly elected members. ​