Yukon Quest: Brent Sass leads the pack out of Scroggy Creek

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Yukon Quest is in full-swing, and our top mushers have made it to the Scroggie Creek Checkpoint, the final stop before Dawson City.
Brent Sass, Allen Moore, and Hans Gatt all checked in to Scroggie this afternoon.
Sass then solidified his lead late this afternoon when he left for Dawson City at around five o'clock.
Gatt and Moore are currently resting at Scroggie.
Michelle Phillips and Denis Tremblay REACHED THE checkpoint just before news time.
Our current red-lantern holder according to the Race Tracker is Lisbet Norris, who is stopped at Pelly Crossing.
There are no scratches or withdrawals to report at this time, although Matt Hall did have to drop one of his dogs in Pelly.
Hall requested veterinary assistance at the checkpoint, where he dropped off his dog, named Salcha.
The Vets ran several tests on Salcha, who is one of Hall's first dogs, and diagnosed her with Cancer.
She is now warm, safe, and comfortable and will be driven up the trail to Dawson City.