Wrestlers punch tickets for state tournament

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) With the Denali and Mid-Alaska Regionals going down in Lathrop High School, there was plenty of highlight matches on the mats.

Lathrop's Desarae Matheny pins North Pole's Emily Bellant in the 145 Denali title. (Aaron Walling/KTVF)

The top match was in the Denali Girls 145 finals between North Pole's Emily Bellant and Lathrop's Desarae Matheny. Matheny was down by five points with less than 30 seconds on the clock, and used an aggressive attack to get the pin-fall with 12 seconds left.

"I'm feeling really great especially since I took a loss to her just the other week on Senior Night,” said Matheny after her win in the finals against Bellant.“I had complete faith in myself because I knew that being down in the third period and being able to pull of that something Lathrop always trains for because we always work on our gas tanks and being able to push through those last two minutes that a lot of other teams aren't able to."

Matheny joins numerous of other Interior wrestlers who will be competing in the Alaska State Tournament that is set to start on December 20 in Anchorage.

One of those wrestlers is Elizabeth Schumaker who is representing the Patriots in the 112 Class after getting a pin-fall in the finals.

"I was kind of worried there because she was aggressive and pulling me around,” said Schumaker. “I was like what do I do with this hand fighting. I got an under-hook, saw an opportunity for an inside trip and it just worked out which is pretty lucky."

In the boys’ brackets, the Interior saw numerous winners from Lathrop and Eielson, especially in wins from Adam Jockusch and Andrew Killian-Dalrymple.

“This is my third year going into the finals match for regionals and I've taken second for the past two years so this kind of a huge deal for me stepping up." said Eielson’s Jockusch after his win in the 152.

“"It felt really good, not going to lie. It felt really good, I was getting a little tired towards the end but overall it went pretty good." said Lathrop’s Killian-Dalrymple.

Congratulations to the wrestlers who will compete in Anchorage for the 2019 Alaska State Tournament.

Denali Girls Conference Qualifiers:

103 Class:
1st Kaylana Keith Lathrop
2nd Isabella Wall Eielson

112 Class:
1st Elizabeth Schumaker North Pole
2nd Kierstyn Bockert Lathrop

119 Class:
1st Autumn Poland Lathrop
2nd Alysa Stigall Lathrop

125 Class:
1st Janice Dykes North Pole
2nd Kaitlynne Rice Hutchison

130 Class:
1st Dakota Darby North Pole

135 Class:
1st Danielle Johnson Lathrop
2nd Natasha Helmericks West Valley

145 Class:
1st Desarae Matheny Lathrop
2nd Emily Bellant North Pole

160 Class:
1st Kristy Massey North Pole
2nd Alyvia Askren Valdez

189 Class:
1st Zoe Dalrymple Lathrop
2nd Alice Brent West Valley

235 Class:
1st Debranna Bealer Eielson
2nd Megan Parrish North Pole
AL Jana Allen Valdez

Denali Boys Conference Qualifiers:

103 Class:
1st Jace Zaldivar Eielson

112 Class:
1st Evan Brown Eielson
2nd Devin McLaughlin Eielson

119 Class:
1st Keegan Dalaquito Glennallen
2nd Nathaniel Mayer Eielson

125 Class:
1st Jordan Korth Glennallen
2nd Rion Fultze Glennallen

130 Class:
1st Alex Buck Glennallen
2nd Sylvin Carter Eielson

135 Class:
1st Weston Slatter Su-Valley
2nd Jakob Rosenthal Hutchison

140 Class:
1st Joshua Baird Eielson
2nd Isaiah Hoffman Glennallen
AL Orrin Hicks Delta Junction

145 Class:
1st Aengus Bancroft Glennallen
2nd Steven Warren Delta Junction
AL Adaon Charlie Galena

152 Class:
1st Adam Jockusch Eielson
2nd Austin Cramerr Glennallen
AL Harrisen Wall Eielson

160 Class:
1st Moses Korth Glennallen
2nd Leonard Lovett Delta Junction
AL Zach Wiggins Delta Junction
AL Ronald Waska Galena

171 Class:
1st Dalton Pinard Su-Valley
2nd Seth Briesmeister Hutchison
AL David Scott Glennallen

189 Class:
1st Kael Gerlach Glennallen
2nd Kyle Henderson Valdez

215 Class:
1st Nephi Tidwell Eielson
2nd Colton Guptill Hutchison

285 Class:
1st Dennis Mott Valdez
2nd Kalen Moore Hutchison

Mid-Alaska Boys Conference Qualifiers:

103 Class:
1st Andrew Killian-Dalrymple Lathrop
2nd Kolton Roedel North Pole
3rd Andrew Dosland West Valley

112 Class:
1st Robert Lechuga Porras Lathrop
2nd Aaron Peterson Lathrop
3rd Hayden McCumby North Pole

119 Class:
1st Jeremy Bockert Lathrop
2nd Chase Valentine West Valley
3rd Zadock Hawkins West Valley

125 Class:
1st Colton Parduhn Lathrop
2nd Garrett Bourne Lathrop
3rd Kai Clein West Valley

130 Class:
1st Darinn Peterson North Pole
2nd Aaron Johnson Lathrop
3rd Tommy Bourne Lathrop

135 Class:
1st Jacob Johnson Lathrop
2nd Kawaiola Patterson Lathrop
3rd Zeffrre Koberrnuss North Pole

140 Class:
1st William Poland Lathrop
2nd David Weimer Lathrop
3rd Destin Kohler North Pole

145 Class:
1st Kobe Ames Lathrop
2nd Isaac Coon West Valley
3rd Freddy Matheson West Valley

152 Class:
1st James Opp Lathrop
2nd Kyle Stolz North Pole
3rd Ian Arnold West Valley

160 Class:
1st Josiah Opp Lathrop
2nd Via Skipps North Pole
3rd Jesse Schnabel West Valley

171 Class:
1st Sage Martin Lathrop
2nd Jerry Perkins Lathrop
3rd Patrick McKee West Valley

189 Class:
1st Peter Macchione West Valley
2nd Mark Fisher North Pole
3rd Sam Lester Lathrop

215 Class:
1st Sean Michel Lathrop
2nd Aaron Conwell West Valley
3rd Daniel Conley North Pole

285 Class:
1st Shaun Conwell West Valley
2nd Noah Curtis Lathrop
3rd Ernest Hollcraft Lathrop