Wolfpack Football keep their sights set on 2019 season

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The West Valley football program were able to conduct all of their scheduled practices ahead of their week one matchup with the Wasilla Warriors. This has them ready and tuned up for the 2019 season, while overcoming the tumultuous off-season. The Wolfpack are now able to shift their focus to the opponent ahead of them.

The Wolfpack are still getting a feel for one another, with a new quarterback under center in Shaun Conwell, and a new tailback in Justin Cummings. Standout receiver Avery Weston will continue to make an impact, as the all-conference receiver returns for his senior year.

The Wolfpack lost four all-conference players from last year, but they're hyped to get out there and compete with the current squad.

"Bruh, there is just no words for how excited I am to be back on the field. The boys, everyone they are like family to me." Wolfpack lineman Jakharri McKinney said.

"I'm super excited to come out and work with the team, it is my first year up here and so I am just super excited to see how the dynamic is up here and and just get back with it," Gabe Patzke, originally from New York said at practice.
"It's really cool you know, a lot of they guys up here are veterans, and we are all kind of family on the team. We've all been through a lot. So it's cool, everybody helps each other out you know. Nobody is really left out in the dark."

The Wolfpack missed out on the postseason last year, but are looking to make a push back to the state tournament.

"I am really excited to see how far we get. We have started out amazing so I am really hoping to get farther than we have ever been before." West Valley's Jake Golden said.

Wasilla made it to the state playoffs last year, while the Wolfpack are looking to make their first appearance since 2015.