Wild finish at Beat Beethoven 5K

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The first big running event of the year took place this afternoon by the UAF Patty Center.
The Annual beat Beethoven 5K saw over 700 of Fairbanks' most motivated all hit the 3.1 mile course to support the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra.
There were participants of all ages trying to outrun Beethoven's fifth symphony this year, but out of the entire field of runners, two were able to separate from the Pack.
Juan Bonnet and Carl Wahlin both crossed the finish line at the 16 minute and 13 second mark to tie for the top spot in this year's race.
A perfect day for a run along with a tight, competitive finish put the icing on the cake for a great weekend in Interior Sports.
Juan Bonnet and Carl Wahlin; Top Overall Finishers>>: "Pretty much, we were in a group the whole time and then we kind of separated from the pack. And then we kind of took turns.
Yeah we were watching out for Beethoven man. That guys is sneaky fast. I didn't see the guy though, he must have been way "Bach" there.I had that Bach joke stored up and I wanted to get interviewed I can tell you that.
I thought I had a strong kick. Obviously he has just as strong a kick. I just tried to pull away from him. I saw his shadow creeping up, which made an exciting finish. It was a good race."
Alex Bergholtz; Top Female Finisher>>: "It was really cool. It was a little bit cold this morning so I was worried about that. But I wore way too much stuff so now I'm really hot, but it was a nice race I will have to say. It was a beautiful day so... It's really cool. I can hear it everywhere. It was nice to have the cars parked along. I was actually in band and orchestra in High School, so it definitely brings me back to those days. I'm not there anymore but it was cool, definitely motivating at times."