West Valley's Invitational scores in pool play

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - All of the schools and all of their teams arrived to see who has the top volleyball team in this year's West Valley Invitational that started yesterday and continues through today.
To clarify what I mean by "all of the schools", the invitational includes Lathrop, North Pole, Hutch, Monroe, Valdez, Mt. Edgecumb, Eielson and even Barrow. The competitions been tough but we have tallied win/loss records for every one of them in pool play. Eielson landed in tenth place without a single win and 9 losses. West Valley's JV team took ninth with 1 win and 8 losses. North Pole nabbed eighth with 3 wins and 6 losses. Barrow, my home town, took seventh with 4 wins and 5 losses. Lathrop landed sixth with 4 wins and 5 losses. Our first positive scoring team, Hutchison took 5th with a score of 5 wins and 4 losses. Fourth goes to Mt. Edgecumb with 6 wins and 3 losses, and third goes to our hosts West Valley with 7 wins and 2 losses. Second was taken by Valdez with 7 wins, 2 losses and our first place finisher of the tournament is Monroe with a respectable 8 wins and 1 loss. Yesterday's round of games decided today's bracket for the qualifiers. Mt. Edgecumb will face Hutchison with West Valley and Valdez facing off in game two. Depending who takes first in the Mt. Edgedumb versus Hutchison game will decide who faces Monroe later today. And that's just in the gold division, the best-of-3 double elimination set. Over in red's best-of-3 we have West Valley JV against Eielson in game one with North Pole facing Barrow in game two. Whichever team pushes ahead in the West Valley and Eielson match decides who faces Lathrop in game 3. Best of luck to the competitors, and I can't wait to see your results!