West Valley takes on Eielson in fourth basketball match of season

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - West Valley's Wolfpack faced Eielson's Ravens last night in a nonconference game. This game was the fourth in the Wolfpack's season and the second win for the school. Finishing with a dominant score of 82-47, West Valley made a clean exit moving to 2-2, leaving Eielson with their first loss with 2-1 on the season.
The match didn't start as easy for the Pack as the numbers suggest however, as Eielson had something to show for their defense. It was just good enough to force a couple Wolfpack turnovers right at the opening. This opened up for the Pack to go in full force in the second, equipping a 28-24 lead before halftime and an additional 32 point lead through the third. This was complimented to the best of the Raven's efforts with 7 points, leaving the teams with 60 and 34 before the final quarter.
West Valley's own Terrell Peter led the basketball team in points with 21. The Ravens had senior Ty Thomas and junior Koen Campbell to thank for the bulk of their score, with Ty's contribution of 4 out of the 7 3-pointers made in total, finalizing to a personal total of 14 points, and Koen's contribution totaling out to 15 points.
This came out to be a fantastic game between the competitors, and truly showcased the strengths of both teams.