West Valley suffers first loss of the season to SoHi

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Ranked number one in Division II and III in ASBN's high school football poll, the West Valley Wolfpack is at the top of their game this season. However last night the Pack faced off with Soldotna, a team who made the states record with a 59-game winning streak, not to mention seven straight Division II state titles. This introduced a very competitive match that resulted in West Valley falling 3 and 1 this season, with Sohi matching the Pack with 3 and 1 as well. The match ended at 62 and 18.
Avery Weston made a 38 yard catch from Maurice Maiden, quarterback for the Pack, which resulted in the first touchdown for West Valley this game. Soldotna was all done by the fourth, but the Wolfpack still pushed hard when Shaun Conwell made a 51-yard pass to Zach Campbell, leaving it at 62-12. Isaiah Warner of the Pack made the last touchdown of the game with a 20-yard dash. Jersey Truesdell of the Stars made 2 touchdown passes and ran for 1.
As I said before, this match leaves West Valley at 3-1 and Soldotna at 3-1 this season. West Valley is to meet Kenai on the eighth in another conference match.