UAF swim team take Biolla down in meet 1 of 2

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - While the lady Nook swimming team is facing Biola University today, we have the latest on last night's matchup between the two swim teams.
Last night's meet left Biola in the dust while UAF achieved a total of 122 against the Eagle's 83.
Our Nooks took to the water so well that the only event they faltered in was the 200-yard freestyle and the 200-yard freestyle relay.
The ever-ready Kaia Norbye took three of the events against the Eagles, the 400-yard medley relay, the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke. Norbye's fellow teammate Erika Kakazu conquered three of the events as well by taking the 400-yard medley relay, the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard IM.
Finally, fellow senior athlete Cassidy Heaton completed the 1,000 yard freestyle and the 500-yard free.
This success brings UAF to 2-1 on the season, and I wish the best of luck for today's meet.