UAF Student Athletes use Social Media to spread awareness on Sexual Assault

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today was a special day for the University of Alaska.
The Nanooks, along with NCAA programs across the country have turned April 17th into Student Athlete Day of Action.
Each of the UAF Athletic Teams took to social media to help raise awareness about sexual assault.
Each Tweet and Facebook post contained statistics about sexual assault related to both men and women and wrote simple yet powerful messages such as "No More" and "It's on us."
The goal of the nation-wide "It's On Us" Campaign is to end sexual assault by raising awareness and engagement towards the issue.
Many campuses across the country, even ours here in Fairbanks, have experienced high profile sexual assault and Title Nine investigations in recent years.
Another cause the teams hope to achieve is to help end the stigma associated with sexual assault.
Their goal is to make it easier for victims to come forward.
The local effort was coordinated by Student Athlete Advisory Committee Member and Nanook Skier Sarissa Lammers, who is helping achieve a goal set forth by the National Student Advisory Committee to help spread awareness about this issue.
Lammers says that these student athletes were more than willing to help with this cause.
Sarissa Lammers; UAF Day of Action Coordinator>>: "They were really eager to be a part of this. And when I mentioned that this was for speaking out against sexual assault they were like "Oh this is awesome I really want to be part of this cause. Everybody seems to be really excited to be a part of it. It's something that's important to a lot of us. Especially to break that stigma and to help spread awareness. Not gonna lie, it is a thing on campuses that happens. It is a big problem, and so we really want to fight that. And, especially as student athletes, we think we can... we hope we can have some influence and have a voice. So we try to do as much as we can with that. We all probably know someone who has experienced some kind of sexual assault, some form of abuse, in some way or another. It doesn't just affect them, it affects everybody. So you want to do your part to be able to speak out against that as best as possible."