UAF Cross Country wrap up season

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In the world of cross country there are many times during the year that athletes would thrive in the running conditions. However, the cold weather and slippery grounds didn't stop anybody from participating.
For the Nanook's cross country team we saw Alex Bergholtz and Jack Matherly take to Amend Park, along with just below 200 other participants for each run.
Matherly was pitted against others in the men's category 10K race while Bergholtz was in the women's 6K, and finishing at 115th we saw Matherly achieve a career-best time of 33 minutes, beating out his previous 10K finishing time by a minute and 56 seconds.
Bergholtz placed at 121st out of 180, and achieved a time of 23 minutes and 39 seconds.
Looking at GNAC placements, Matherly landed 49th with his time and category and Bergholtz claimed 45th in hers.
This race concluded the 2018 NCAA West Region Championships for both the men and lady Nanooks.
Congratulations to all of the athletes for going quite literally, the extra mile.