UAF Board of regents discussing moving Nanook Hockey team out of Carlson Center

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Earlier this week, UAF Chancellor Dan White released an update on some ways that the University plans to reposition their budget in the wake of Governor Dunleavy's proposed cuts.
According to the release, one of the priorities is to reduce the number of off-campus buildings and leases used by the University, and move them into on-campus buildings. ​
One action being considered is suspending the use of the Carlson Center Ice by the Nanook Hockey team. ​
The Nanooks have called the Carlson Center Home since the early 90s when the arena was built. ​
The Nooks, who were in the CCHA at the time, have called the Carlson Center home ever since, even building a state-of-the-art locker room facility in the building. ​
This move would have the Nanooks play their home games at the UAF Patty Center, which would have to undergo major renovations in the Ice Arena to host Division 1 games. ​
The board of regents will meet on April 8th to discuss the proposed budget changes.​